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5 Reasons Joe Average Art Puzzles are a Great, Affordable Gift in 2022

Finding the right gift for somebody can be a stressful situation. Especially if you don’t know the person, you’re buying a gift for very well. When somebody opens up your gift, you want them to know you were thinking about them when purchasing it. Perfumes, colognes, books, and clothing can be too personal as everybody has their sense of style, but socks and underwear can feel impersonal and a little bit boring.

One thing you cannot go wrong with is a Joe Average 1000-piece art puzzle. Puzzles are a great gift for colleagues, extended family, friends and loved ones who love puzzles. They’re also great for events like gift trades, white elephants, Yankee swaps, and secret Santa.

Here are five reasons why Joe Average art puzzles make the best holiday gift this year:

  1. Puzzles are great for the winter season. When there is not much to do during bad weather, many people turn to TV or books. Puzzles are a great form of excitement and stimulation, keeping people busy while feeling the satisfaction of completing a project!

  2. Puzzles can be completed alone, and they can bring family and friends together. It does not matter if the person lives alone or not. This is a gift that can be appreciated in many living situations.

  3. Puzzles turn into beautiful pieces of art. Once completed, the person is left with beautiful artwork to admire. They can even hang it up as a permanent art piece in their home!

  4. Puzzles are affordable gifts that don’t break the bank. When picking a gift for somebody, you don’t know very well. You don’t want to drop a lot of cash on something the person may not like. Puzzles come at a great price but look like a million dollars when gifted.

  5. Each of our puzzles gives back to a great cause.

The Joe Average Art Puzzle donates money from every puzzle to our two Charites, making it a gift that keeps giving. Everybody feels great knowing that the gift they’re receiving helped make the world a better place. The Joe Average Art Puzzle comes with puzzle glue and Velcro, allowing you to hang it on your wall as a permanent piece of art after it’s completed.

At $24.99 and free shipping, you cannot go wrong with a Joe Average Art Puzzle, so make sure you pick some up for the friends, family, and colleagues in your life who deserve a gift that gives back that they’ll remember forever!

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