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A Farewell To Summer

With September having begun this past Wednesday, I thought it was only fitting to have a blog post dedicated to summer.

This summer was full of a lot of beautiful moments, especially coming off of the past year. Although we are not yet back to what most of us would consider our "normal life", this summer allowed many of us a taste. Beyond that, however, this summer was also a massive one for Joe, and all of us on his team.

In just the past few months, Joe was awarded The Order of British Columbia, had many articles written on him, was featured on a podcast, had his art placed on display during the Vancouver Mural Fest, and launched "It's More Than A Puzzle". To say the least it's been a very exciting, and surreal time.

None of this would have been possible without the constant love and support from Joe's fans. You are all to thank for this summer being so amazing. Seeing the comments on articles, and especially all of the tags out in front of the mural have led to permanent smiles being plastered on our faces.

So thank you to every single one of you currently reading this post, and thank you to summer 2021, for making this chapter so sweet.

But don't worry..... we have several exciting things still to come throughout the rest of 2021...including a giveaway that will be going live on Joe's business Instagram this coming Wednesday... that's a secret for the blog readers.

Have an amazing weekend everyone, and let's see what else is to come this fall.

This blog post was written by Geniusquest Design.

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