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Easy Ways to Donate to a Greater Cause

Many individuals rely on the generosity of strangers to help rebuild their lives following natural disasters like a hurricane or earthquake. For families in great need, donations to disaster relief agencies, local food and diaper banks, and other charities will make a huge difference.

We know, however, that not everyone who is able to donate to these organizations ends up opening their wallets. In fact, a phenomenon known as a collapse (or fade) of compassion can make people less generous in catastrophic situations or when we face many people in need at any time. Below are ways you can easily contribute to helping people in need without emptying your pocket.

Take action and have a petition signed.

Gone are the days when to ask for signatures in favor of a petition you had to knock door-to-door. Online petitions are a quick and convenient way to launch and demonstrate your support. Launch one on your own, or sign one of your interest in favor of a cause.

On social media, share.

As you sign a petition or see a group of people in need, share it! By sharing on social media, by sharing it with others, you are driving awareness of the cause you support. It is also a free, convenient, and efficient way of demonstrating that you care.

Give Your Time

Volunteering doesn't cost a dime, and these days it's the good thing to do. In all age groups and from all backgrounds, more volunteers than ever are finding their way to causes that inspire them. In recent years, volunteering has changed drastically. By being a virtual volunteer, you can now serve in person or online. You can also mix volunteering and traveling.

Your volunteering can also be tailored to your preferences, lifestyle, and time available. For youth, volunteering is perfect for people looking for friends and will help you land a career. It could just make you healthier as well.

Give Money

When you give out money with the intention to help others, according to research, you're not only supporting others but even yourself. Individuals who give out money in support of others tend to be happier. You'll probably feel happier that will even reflect on your brain activity, no matter how little you give.

If your interest lies in helping fire victims and survivors of domestic abuse or becoming an influential friend to trans people, it is behoove you to make your impact by donating money to non-profit and crowdfunding projects. Money helps support vital services and also provides access to facilities, such as good health care, education, clean water, etc., to the needy and disadvantaged. One of the good things about giving out money for charities is that it can be quickly put to use by organizations and campaign organizers to meet their needs.

Donate a Percentage of Your Sales or Profits

Many organizations and businesses indulge in this type of giving to contribute their own quota to a greater cause. No charity organization is asking you to bring all your profits or sales made by your products or services. However, segmenting a little portion of your profit or sales won’t cause you or your business any harm and will go a long way making an impact on the life of the receivers. At Joe Average, we make a quality face art mask that can be worn on any kind of dress. As a fashion and art brand, we also believe in donating to a greater cause to make our world better. We donate $1 from every sale made. Whenever anyone by our mask, $1 goes to the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

In the fight to get rid of COVID 19, you can also purchase Joe Average face mask while $1 from your pocket gets donated to save a life. Isn’t it a great thing to know you’re saving lives with just a dollar?

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