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Every Child Deserves Good Health

Children's care matters to the world. It influences the way we live and our ability to grow both as individuals and as a society; and it represents our expectations for the kind of world in which we want to live. Global children's consultations show that kids themselves are consistently prioritizing their needs for better treatment.

Most kids' health is fine. Some might wonder why access to healthcare is crucial for children. Indeed, even though the health of children is relatively good, there needs to be access to routine health care and access to special treatment when conditions are acute or chronic. In addition, children vary in many important ways from other age groups. Firstly, they rely absolutely on their adult healthcare providers. Children cannot make decisions about health care, procurement, or insurance or judge the suitability of facilities. Children cannot even express interests or influence decisions on their behalf. Adults are also responsible for expressing their interests and ensuring that their needs are met.

The health needs of children also vary greatly from those of adults. By their own nature, children are increasingly growing and developing and are at a particular risk of disease and injury. If issues with health are not recognized and addressed, they can impact the cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional development of children. So the avoidance or minimization of effects on global growth and development needs the recognition and early treatment of health conditions.

Obviously, children often vary from adults in the form, severity, and frequency of health problems encountered by them. In general, children face a broader range of health conditions, but of less severity. Conversely, adults are more likely than children to have chronic degenerative disorders. However, such childhood disorders, although relatively mild in specific cases, have the potential to contribute to long-term disabilities in children. Chronic otitis media (ear infections), for example, can lead to hearing loss and potentially learning difficulties if unchecked. Other rare but serious disorders, such as spina bifida and sickle cell disease, arise early and require constant monitoring and costly tertiary treatment.

Lack of care affects both children and society at large. Children are less likely to participate or do well in school without proper treatment, less able to access health and other basic services. Every child's life matters. They deserve to live in good health and Joe Average is an art brand that has saddled itself with the responsibility to contribute to the goal of giving every child (especially the less privileged) a better life. Joe Average deals in crafting creative pieces of art but had extended Its service to producing quality face art-masks to help save the world.

However, this primarily is a way of giving back to the children in our communities. $1 from every face mask purchased from Joe Average goes to the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. This is a cause we are committed to, and we believe a dollar can give a child live a good life.

You can join this cause too by purchasing our quality artistic masks. It is 95% cotton and 5% Polyester, adjustable ear straps, sublimation printing, and machine washable.

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