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Giving Back To The Community

Philanthropy is known as the act of giving back and gifting. Since the dawn of time, kindness has been around and has become a part of our daily life and culture. Philanthropy strongly promotes projects such as scientific testing to benefit people in need in your community by donating your time. Philanthropic activities are often aimed at reducing social challenges and the well-being of individuals, cultures, and the world. For the better, we should all impact our culture and the environment. Philanthropy's beauty is that it doesn't need to be lavish. It's as simple as helping your neighbor with things such as helping them deliver their groceries to their front door.

Why is it important we give back to the community?

Make an impact

Are you looking to make a positive, lasting difference? Unlike other facets of life you might not be able to influence, volunteering helps you to choose when and how to make the difference you've always wanted. It's quick to get motivated by a cause you really care about and it's inspiring to see you are actually making a difference no matter how small it may be.

Strengthen communities

You can enrich your own life by enhancing your place of work, play and live, from collecting trash from a street to reading to children at your local library. A healthy and happy community with a good quality of life is always safer for you and your loved ones.

Meet others

Trying to expand or find others with similar interests in your network? Volunteering is an ideal way to meet people. In your neighborhood, a local club or association will bring you face-to-face with individuals, and it's easy to connect with a common interest. In your daily grind, you will build lifelong friendships with those you would not otherwise have met.

Sense of Purpose

One of the reasons many don't feel fulfilled is inutility. The loop they are in, the routine they are stuck with, they are tired of. These individuals will gradually feel hollow and start to live lives that feel more like a bad dream. 

However, giving back to our communities gives you a stronger feeling of purpose. You wake up each day thinking you're going to do something important. Each time you effect positive change on people who have touched your hearts, you look forward to it. It's an unspeakable, hypnotic sensation that we constantly want others to experience.

The Happiness in it

Happiness creates a better person, leads to a better family, a better family brings about a better society, and then the world becomes a better place. The cyclical nature of spreading joy makes it essential in life to give to the world in any little way you can. There's no end to the effect of your happiness in spreading it to the needy while they become happy too.

Making a difference is simpler than ever, and the old phrase that "every little bit counts" is still real, so it's important you constantly find a way to be generous and give back to the needy. At Joe Average, we believe in a few things; changing the word with creative arts and also giving back to the community. We produce quality, machine-washable, and adjustable face mask with inspiring artistic message on them.  How do we give back to the community? $1 from every mask purchased from Joe Average goes to the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver to save the lives of the children there. Join us today by buying a mask, your $1 can save a life.

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