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How to Stay Safe in a Time Like This

If you work from home, taking a virtual lesson, or practicing physical distance for yourself and the safety of your loved ones, together we are all on the radar of this new lifestyle called the "new normal". This transition might be simple for some, but it's has been the toughest change in the life of many trying so hard to adapt to a life they never expected or prepared for. The majority are craving and looking for a sense of normalcy and equilibrium as the days and weeks progress. The danger of a severe outbreak can trigger fear among people around the globe. Respecting these diseases is wise. There's no need to worry, anyway. By maintaining good hygiene, you can protect yourself.

Here's what experts in infectious diseases and World Health Organization officials advise:

Never Get Tired of Washing Your Hands

This can't be overemphasized, and it's the best line of defense. Clean your hands regularly for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and water. By singing the complete happy birthday song, twice, is a simple way to time it with your children.


Before putting on and after removing your cloth mask, make sure to wash your hands after you blow your nose, sneeze into a tissue, use the toilet when you leave and return to your house, before cooking or consuming food, applying make-up, handling contact lenses, etc. 

If a hand sanitizer is used to ensure that it contains at least 60% alcohol, ensure that all areas of the hands are protected and rub the hands together for 20-30 seconds until the hands feel dry. Always wash your hands with soap and water if your hands are obviously dirty.

Wear a Glove Whenever You Are Outside

Any glove made of cotton, wool, or lycra would do. When you remove them, don't touch the outside of the gloves. And wash the gloves in hot water while at home (but don't dry the wool gloves with heat or they will shrink). If you spray the outside with an alcohol-based disinfectant just before you take off, disposable latex or other forms of plastic gloves can be reused many times.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Through your eyes, nose, or mouth, the virus will reach your body. Good respiratory hygiene will safeguard you and the people around you against viruses. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes. With your bent elbow or a single-use tissue, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

Always Put On a Mask in the Public

Facemask helps people prevent infections from germs. When someone coughs, talks, or sneezes they may release germs into the air that can infect others. A face mask can minimize the number of germs produced by the wearer if someone is ill and can prevent other individuals from being sick.  Wearing a face mask will not only keep you safe but will also keep your loved one safe in case you have by any means infected.  Wear a mask. Save lives

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