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Importance Of Face Masks

The compulsory use of face masks in grocery stores, restaurants, and other public areas is perhaps one of the most striking lifestyle changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is imperative to wear a mask, particularly while in close proximity to others, to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a face mask in public is a serious and important prevention measure. It’s the best thing we know we can do right now.

Masks Keep Other People Safe

According to scientists and researchers, the easiest and fastest way the COVID 19 spreads is through the coughs or sneeze of an infected person or when they talk in surroundings occupied by people. Wearing face masks, however, it's an effective way of blocking these respiratory droplets. Face masks act as a barrier to keep virus-containing particles from moving from an infected individual to an uninfected person. Researchers affirmed that without a mask, droplets traveled quite 8 feet but with a face mask, it can be reduced to 3 feet.

Waldman, a professor of global health at the George Washington University says "There's no question; it's indisputable that wearing even a cloth face covering cuts down substantially on the amount of virus that's shared by an individual.”

1. You Don’t Know Who’s Contagious or Not

At first, wearing face masks was recommended only for those infected or showing the symptoms of COVID 19. However, when it became clear that the virus can be transmitted before the carrier started showing the symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made it mandatory, telling everyone to publicly wear a cloth face covering.

Many studies have proved that it is possible to be infected by a coronavirus and not show the related symptom. Even a paper published in the journal stated that about 40 percent of people infected never develop symptoms of coronavirus. So this makes it incredibly difficult to identify who is a possible transmitter of the COVID 19.

That is what prompted both the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend wearing a face because no one can really say who's safe.

2. Face Masks can protect you, as well

Face masks provide you with some protection, but the safety benefits are most evident when the mouth and nose are covered by all. Think of it as a social advantage: the more individuals with face coverings in the fight to get rid of COVID 19, the less virus in the population circulates. It reduces everybody's chance of infection.

Wearing a face mask is a sense of social responsibility and it’s your duty to keep the next person safe by keeping yourself safe first. To achieve this, Joe Average Face Masks got you covered. Our masks are high quality 95% cotton and 5% Polyester, adjustable ear straps, sublimation printing, and machine washable.

What makes Joe Average unique isn’t only in the quality, comfortability, and simplicity but also in the fact that every mask purchase from Joe Average is a way of giving back to the community. $1 Dollar from every mask pack will be donated to the BC Children's Hospital.

What could be more fulfilling than knowing a dollar from your pocket is saving lives in the hospital?

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