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The Good News Never Ends With “It’s More Than A Puzzle”


Last year Joe Average and GeniusQuest Design teamed up to create the BEE SAFE mask that benefited the BC Children’s Hospital, while also keeping our streets safe from the spread of Covid-19.

This year we decided to take our partnership a step further and really curate an item for fans of Joe Average, and puzzles in general, and we have done that with the creation of “It’s More Than A Puzzle”.

Just like with our past collaboration, we are partnering with an amazing cause to ensure that they also benefit from the purchase of each puzzle. This time we have chosen PAL Vancouver, an organization whose mission is to provide long-standing members of Metro Vancouver’s performing arts professions with affordable homes within a vibrant and creative community setting.

Now you may be thinking, “okay, I know who's involved with “It’s More Than A Puzzle”, but what actually is it?”. Well, let me explain.

It begins as a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle made of the strongest cardboard. This means in its simplest form “It’s More Than A Puzzle” can be used to strengthen your brain and your relationships through its completion.

However, once finished, the puzzle takes on a new form as a limited-edition piece of art that can be used to spice up any room in your home. This is done by using the glue and velcro strips provided in the packaging that “It’s More Than A Puzzle” comes in. (* A note for those of you excited to hang this beautiful work of art, the dimensions of the puzzle once completed is 63.5 x 63.5cm).

BUT that’s not all. “It’s More Than A Puzzle” because when you purchase one of these puzzles, you are also entered into a draw where you can win $20,000 in CASH or $30,000 worth of art! With over 100 prizes, your chances of winning are high.

So now that you know how amazing this collaboration is….. What are you waiting for? Head over to Joe Average | It's More Than A Puzzle Giveaway to get yours today!


To enter our giveaway: Joe Average | It's More Than A Puzzle Giveaway




Want to know more about PAL Vancouver? Then click this link: Welcome to PAL Vancouver - PAL Vancouver

Want to see "One World, One Hope" in its original form? Then click this link: ONE WORLD ONE HOPE (

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