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We Crave Something Beyond Fashion

Our way of dressing and styling ourselves is generally known as fashion. But there are some very significant elements in it, including patterns, fad, buzz, and glamour. Fashion is all around the world and it also has cultural and religious ties.

In our part of the world, what fashion is might not be the same as what it is in another part. Fashion is important and it is the essence of our being in reality. For many, fashion defines what we feel about ourselves and the things around us. The importance of fashion in culture has numerous strata and layers. Each person feels about what they wear and how they style themselves differently. While talking about fashion, we shouldn’t forget there’s a trend of fashion all across nations in the world since the era of the “New Normal” begun.

COVID 19 had thrown a wreck into many things in the society, greatly changed how we communicate as social beings. One of the eminent changes all over the world is the new fashion accessory we wear on our faces when in public. The adoption of this new fashion style or dress is an effective way of staying safe in time like this. However, it has unarguably become normal fashion accessories that make our dress incomplete when it’s not on our face. Fashion is a significant part of life, it’s meant to be appreciated in a proper way by following its trend at every point in life.

At Joe Average, our products are the face of our love and respect for fashion. But we crave for something beyond fashion. A part of life that brings transformation. Art is like a tool that sees through the soul of man, thereby transforming such a soul with the message conveyed by the art piece. Appreciation of art tends to open up people's mindsets by listening to various viewpoints and thoughts as well as art perceptions, encouraging thoughtful dialogue, and recognizing that there is more than one solution to anything. Art is powerful beyond imagination when it comes to a medium through which messages can be conveyed or thought, imagination, feelings, and belief can be expressed.

Going with the flow of the New Normal, we produce quality fashionable art masks to keep people safe and add a little spice to their outfit. All Joe Average masks carry arts with a message of love, generosity, kindness, friendship, gratitude, and so on. In a time like this, each and every one of us needs a piece of artwork that reminds us of the special beings we are, and with love and support, the darkness shall be over soon. Wearing Joe Average face mask when going around doing your business in the day will not only keep you safe, it will be a message of encouragement for others when they see the artwork on it.

The world is sick and with love and unity toward a single purpose, we can all make a difference and make the world a better place. At Joe Average, we believe in giving back to the community and that’s why we donate $1 from each mask sold, to charity. That is, when you purchase our artistic masks, you’re indirectly donating $1 to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. This way, the majority can contribute as little as a dollar to save lives, and make the world a better place.

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